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27. 10. / Friday / 20:00

Mia Žnidarič & Steve Klink Trio

Small hall
27. 10. / Friday / 20:00

Mia Žnidarič & Steve Klink Trio

Small hall

(Slovenia, USA, Germany)


Mia Žnidarič, voice
Steve Klink, piano
Volker Heinze, double bass
Marcus Rieck, drums


“Above all, I wanted to take the music back, all the way to my roots”, Steve Klink, known in Slovenia mainly as the husband and musical partner of the singer Mia Žnidarič, recently told a journalist during a conversation about his new and long-awaited album Trilogy in Blue. The talented pianist and composer grew up in the heartland of America and his deep commitment and love for music arises through every note he coaxes from the black and white keys.


Mia Žnidarič is a big star in the Slovenian jazz scene. She has long convinced us with her unique voice and interpretation. Her sincerity, vital energy and dedication to true art are present in all her concerts and studio recordings.


Mia Žnidarič and Steve Klink Trio recorded eight albums together, including exceptional projects with Feri Lainšček (Pobarvanka, Iskre, Nevidni orkester) and Svetlana Makarovič (Iskre); to deep and moving original confessions, for which Steve composed all the music.


The October Jazz concert will consist of songs from the rich musical past of Mia and Steve, as well as songs from the new Steve Klink Trio album – Trilogy in Blue, which also features Volker Heinze on double bass and Marcus Rieck on drums.


Ticket price
12 € / 16 €


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E: pr@kulturnidom-ng.si

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