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The Nova Gorica Arts Centre is a public entity founded in 1980. Since the opening, we have hosted many exciting and important concerts and events, turning Nova Gorica into a hub for music and culture both at national and international level. We produce and showcase some of the finest musical experiences, and attract renowned musicians from near and far.


The list of famous names to have performed at the Nova Gorica Arts Centre is quite impressive. Our stage has played host to top Slovenian and international soloist, chamber ensembles and numerous national philharmonic and symphonic orchestras. Our concert programmes have included most of the classical masterpieces, whilst paying particular attention to Slovenian artists.


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In 2000, the Nova Gorica City Gallery, which represents the central exhibition venue for modern visual arts in the Goriška Region, became part of the Nova Gorica Arts Centre. The Gallery, with its well planned and executed exhibition concept, occupies a prominent position in the Slovenian territory, whereas the Pixxelpoint International Festival of Contemporary Art Practices has placed the Gallery on the international map as well.


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Since 2008, the Nova Gorica Arts Centre has also been home to cinema with screenings of assorted artists’ films, as well as children and youth programme, fulfilling the tasks and objectives of a public service operating in the field of cinematography.


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Cross-border cooperation represents one of our strategic goals, and such projects receive a great deal of attention. We are well aware that our establishment contributes significantly to the cultural scene in the city and its wider region. We therefore frequently highlight the strategic position of Nova Gorica and the Arts Centre, acting as a promotor of Slovenian art in Italy, and engaging in intercultural dialogue with the neighbouring Gorizia. Since 2019, we have been part of the #teatrinrete project – a common cross-border project intended for the promotion of concert and theatre seasons. Our partners, theatres from Cormons, Gradisca d’Isonzo, Gorizia and Monfalcone, as well as the Slovene National Theatre Nova Gorica, have recognized our long-standing cross-border work and efforts to form partner networks across the border. This kind of cooperation and integration actually reinforces our cross-border ties, and encourages the flow of visitors from both countries.


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On top of all that, the Nova Gorica Cultural Centre is the founder of the KiT Cultural Information Touchpoint, which has been located in the building of the Nova Gorica railway station since 2016. KiT welcomes almost 9,000 visitors from more than 50 countries every year. It provides cultural and tourist information, but also guided tours of Gorizia and Nova Gorica in the Slovenian and Italian language. We are proud and pleased that the Municipality of Gorizia, together with the Municipality of Nova Gorica, co-finances the common information touchpoint and thus enables its operation and achievement of its objectives.


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The founder of the Nova Gorica Arts Centre is the Municipality of Nova Gorica. The decree as of 22 April 2004 establishing the public institute “Kulturni dom Nova Gorica” has replaced the previous Statute, and has set and defined its workflow, activities and mission. The Nova Gorica Arts Centre has a regional focus. It produces various artistic, cultural and educational programmes, covering music, fine arts and cinema for the territories of the Nova Gorica Municipality, neighbouring municipalities and beyond. Indeed, its activities comprise the entire Goriška statistical region, as well as the provinces of Trieste and Gorizia. We are conscious of our role and position, being one of the central cultural and artistic institutions in the region and its wider territory. Hence, we pay particular attention to the variety and quality of individual art projects.


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In 2019, which has been by far the most successful edition, we organized 624 events that took place at the Arts Centre and the City Gallery, but also across many other locations associated with our exhibitions and festivals. Our concerts, fine art and film events attracted 69,430 visitors.


Our cultural and arts centre, standing at a delicate crossroads of different nations and cultures, undoubtedly plays an important role in promoting different art forms and creativity, enriching the cultural and spiritual life not only in the city but also in its wider environment. Nurturing and fostering cultural and artistic values remain at the core of our mission, with creative challenges and quality art programmes as our top priority. We plan to continue our precious mission in the field of the arts, adding significant value to our environment.