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Cross-border cooperation represents one of our strategic goals and such projects receive a great deal of attention. We are well aware of the fact that our establishment contributes significantly to the cultural scene in the city and its wider area. We therefore frequently highlight the strategic position of Nova Gorica and the Arts Centre which acts as a promotor of Slovenian art in Italy and engages in intercultural dialogue with the neighbouring Gorizia.


Alongside the cooperation with our cross-border partners, we participated in one-off initiatives with ensembles Mitteleuropa Orchestra (Palmanova), The 1000 Streets’ Orchestra (Trieste) and TEJO – Trieste Early Jazz Orchestra (Trieste), as well as cross-border European projects, such as Cross-border Echoes 2013-2015 and Tenso Days 2017.

Suggestions and Offers:


T: 05 335 40 13
E: pr@kulturnidom-ng.si

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Our cross-border partners are Kulturni dom Gorica (Gorizia), SCGV Emil Komel (Gorizia), Kulturni center Lojze Bratuž (Gorizia), Glasbena matica (Gorizia and Trieste), Progetto Musica (Udine), Controtempo (Cormons), Dramsam – Centro Giuliano di Musica Antica (Gorizia), Examina (Gorizia) and Agorè (Gorizia).

We cherish the successful cross-border collaborations we have had so far, and we look forward to all the future ones. If you have a suggestion or an offer, you are more than welcome to contact us. We will be happy to hear about your project!


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