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29. 10. / Sunday / 15:30


Villa Vipolže (Goriška brda)
29. 10. / Sunday / 15:30


Villa Vipolže (Goriška brda)



Asger Nissen, alto sax
Julius Gawlik, tenor sax
Felix Henkelhausen, acoustic bass
Jim Black, drums


Brooklyn, New York’s veteran drummer Jim Black leads a brand-new band with some of Berlin’s finest young jazz killers. Featuring fiery Danish alto saxophonist Asger Nissen, and the German shredders Julius Gawlik on tenor sax and Felix Henkelhausen on bass, this strong yet lyrical, rhythmically explosive, and fast-swinging band plays original songs written by Black.


This time out he synthesizes a new framework for jazz quartet inspired by the music of Elliot Smith, Stina Nordenstem, Ornette Coleman, and Los Muñequitos de Las Mantanzas.


The recent Covid lockdown situation has been very difficult for artists in so many ways, yet at the same has presented a great opportunity to rethink, reassess, and design plans for a more effective and sustainable performing future.


“The past year I began to feel musically restless, and I needed a new challenge for myself. The need for something like the energy one finds in extreme sports, or maybe the thrill of driving a precision sportscar… so I made a band that reflects this urgency and energy.”


Jim & The Schrimps recorded and released their debut album for Swiss label Intakt this year. The band looks forward to launching out into the traveling and touring circuit with upcoming tours and concerts around Europe planned for 2023 and beyond.


The concert was created in collaboration with the Controtempo association from Cormons (Italy) and the International festival Jazz&Wine of Peace.


Ticket price: 20 €


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E: blagajna@kulturnidom-ng.si


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T: +386 5 335 40 13
E: pr@kulturnidom-ng.si

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