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12. 4. / Friday / 20:15


Small Hall
12. 4. / Friday / 20:15


Small Hall
Film Theatre 2023/24


Saint Omer (Saint Omer, France, 2022, 122 min.)

Rama is a novelist who attends the trial of Laurence Coly, a young woman accused of killing her 15-month-old daughter. Testimonies from witnesses and Coly’s own words soon shake Rama’s convictions.

Director: Alice Diop
Screenplay: Alice Diop, Amrita David, Marie Ndiaye
Photo: Claire Mathon
Edited by: Amrita David
Music by: Thibault Deboaisne (svetovalec pri izboru)
Cast: Kayije Kagame (Rama), Guslagie Malanda (Laurence Coly), Valérie Dréville (predsednica sodišča), Aurélia Petit (odvetnica Vaudenay), Xavier Maly (Luc Dumontet), Robert Cantarella (generalni tožilec), Salimata Kamate (Odile Diatta), Thomas de Pourquery (Adrien)
Production company: Srab Films, Arte France Cinéma, Pictanovo
Festivals and Awards: Venice 2022: Silver Lion Award – Grand Jury Prize, Luigi de Laurentis Award for Best Debut, King Oedipus Award; Toronto 2023: TFCA Award for Best International Program Film; Palm Springs 2023: Future Director(s) Award, FIPRESCI Award for Best Foreign Language Film; Cézar Awards 2023: Best Debut Award; Lisbon – IndieLisboa 2023: Special Mention for Feature Film; Chicago 2023: Silver Hugo for Best Screenplay; Ghent 2023: Grand Prize for Best Film; Jean Vigo Awards 2022: Best Feature Film Award; Seville 2022: Golden Giraldillo Award for Best Film, Award for Best Screenplay
Distributed by: Fivia – Vojnik


Tickets Price
Regular: 5,5 €
Kids and Youth: 4,5 €


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T: 05 335 40 15
E: mestnagalerija@kulturnidom-ng.si


The tickets can be bought at the Box Office of the Nova Gorica Arts Center or through online sales.

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