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Small Hall
1. 3. / Friday / 20:15


Small Hall
Film Theatre 2023/24


Dancing Queen (Dancing Queen, Norway, 2023, 92 min.)

Mina gets her world turned upside down when the famous dancer ED Win moves to her town. She falls head over heels in love, and when he invites everyone to an audition for his new dance crew, Mina sees her chance and signs up. Intoxicated by love she throws herself into the excitement. But there is one essential thing she has forgotten: She can´t dance!

Director: Aurora Gossé
Screenplay: Silje Holtet
Photo: Asmund Hasli
Edited by: Helge Billing
Music by: Mimmi Tamba, Henrik Haraldsen Sveen
Cast: Liv Elvira Kippersund Larsson (Mina), Cengiz Al (Shaan), Viljar Knutsen Bjaadal (Edwin ali E. D. Win), Anne Marit Jacobsen (Mormor), Anders Baasmo (Ove), Andrea Bran Hovig (Anne Berit), Frida Annevik (Laererinna), Ylva Rosten-Haga (Bella)
Production company: Amarcord
Festivals and Awards: Berlin 2023 (Berlinale Generations section); Trondheim 2023; Seattle 2023: Best Film Award; amanda awards 2023: Best Children’s Film Award; Montreal 2023; Malmö 2023: Best Comedy Award; Ciné-Jeune de l’Aisne 2023; Kristiansand 2023: ECFA award; Brač 2023: audience award
Distributed by: Fivia – Vojnik


Tickets Price
Regular: 5,5 €
Kids and Youth: 4,5 €


Contact and Information
T: 05 335 40 15
E: mestnagalerija@kulturnidom-ng.si


The tickets can be bought at the Box Office of the Nova Gorica Arts Center or through online sales.

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