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Nova Gorica City Art Gallery

Nova Gorica City Art Gallery

“The truth is ugly. We possess art least we perish of the truth.” (Nietzsche)


The Nova Gorica City Gallery was established in 1997 in the building of the Slovene National Theatre Nova Gorica. At first, the Gallery was part of the Museum of the Goriška. However, in 2000, it became a unit of the Nova Gorica Arts Centre. In the years of continuous exhibition activity, the Gallery has grown, according to many artists, experts and connoisseurs, into one of the central regional exhibition venues for contemporary visual art in the Primorska region, and it has also made a name for itself in the wider Slovenian territory.


The Gallery has gained international recognition with the Pixxelpoint festival which has developed into an important festival of contemporary art practices in Slovenia. Moreover, it has also begun to position itself within the international context.


The exhibition concept offers an insight into the most recent developments in visual arts. The main direction in programme is represented by research and curated exhibitions, as well as solo and group shows by Slovenian artists, especially of the younger and middle generation. We also pay great attention to the validation of local artists. Occasionally, we host exhibitions of international, especially Italian contemporary art production. The exhibited works are selected mainly based on their quality, originality of ideas and the involvement in contemporary art movements. Many Slovenian and foreign artists have realised their ideas, original projects and visually attractive installations in our Gallery.


The peculiar round shape of the 361 m2 exhibition room is a creative challenge for the artists while also offering a very intimate perception of the exhibits. In addition to the variety of the exhibitions, encompassing all types of modern visual arts, the Nova Gorica City Art Gallery offers as well many lectures on contemporary visual arts, art workshops for children of various ages and guided exhibition tours.

Scheme Of The Gallery

Scheme Of The  Gallery

Mateja Poljšak Furlan
Curator and Head of the Film Programme
T: 05 335 40 15
E: mestnagalerija@kulturnidom-ng.si

Mestna galerija Nova Gorica
Trg Edvarda Kardelja 5
5000 Nova Gorica


Kulturni dom Nova Gorica
Bevkov trg 4
5000 Nova Gorica

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