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International Saxophone Competition in Nova Gorica – SAXGO 22

Kulturni dom Nova Gorica, 1– 8 July 2022


International Saxophone Meeting SAXGO has a long-standing tradition that dates back to 2001 when it was first held in Krško under the title International Saxophone Competition “Alpe – Jadran – Donava”. In 2003, the festival was relocated to Nova Gorica where it has remained to this day. Over the years, it has hosted competitors from all over Europe, i.e. Belgium, Finland, France, Croatia, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Serbia, Spain as well as other countries, like Australia, Chile, Philippines, Israel, Canada, Japan etc. The professional jury has included some famous names from the saxophone world, namely Claude Delangle (F), Eugene Rousseau (USA), Jean-Yves Fourmeau (F), Jean-Denis Michat (F), Guillaume Orti (F), Peter Epstein (USA), Daniel Gauthier (D), Fabrizio Mancuso (F), Saša Nestorović (CRO), Marcus Weiss (CH), Arno Bornkamp (NL), Dragan Sremec (CRO), Steven Mauk (USA), Gordan Tudor (CRO), Gerard McChrystal (GB) and Debra Richtmeyer (USA), as well as Slovenian saxophone players and teachers, like Lev Pupis, Matej Šarc, Nenad Firšt, Janez Matičič, Pavle Merkù, Simon Krečič, Miha RoginaMatjaž DrevenšekBetka Bizjak Kotnik and Dejan Prešiček.

Application dead-line: 10 June 2022


Kulturni dom Nova Gorica
Bevkov trg 4
SI – 5000 Nova Gorica

1.  Etienne BOUSSARD (France)
2.  Karol MASTALERZ (Poland)
3.  Domen KOREN (Slovenia)
4.  Takaya MINAMI (Japan)
5.  Alvaro BANON MONJE (Spain)
6.  Paulīna PITEŅKO (Latvia)
7.  Thomas BRUN (France)
8.  Wojciech CHAŁUPKA (Poland)
9.  Jan TOMINIĆ (Croatia)

10.  Arijan MAČAK (Croatia)
11.  Miho KIYOKAWA (Japan)
12.  Yuri HAMADA (Japan)
13.  Alejandro Áyax LLORENTE GÓMEZ (Spain)
14.  Tia IVAJNŠIČ (Slovenia)
15.  Oskar RZĄŻEWSKI (Poland)
16.  Taiga MATSUGI (Japan)
17.  Michelangelo GHEDIN (Italia)
18.  Mario ROMERO MADRID (Spain)

Friday, 8th July 2022, 20.00


Order of performance:


KOREN Domen (Slovenia)
MINAMI Takaya (Japan)
BOUSSARD Etienne (France)
MASTALERZ Karol (Poland)




Final order :


1. BOUSSARD Etienne (France)
3. KOREN Domen
4. MINAMI Takaya (Japan)

Wednesday, 6th July 2022


10.00     BRUN Thomas (France)
10.30     BANON MONJE Alvaro (Spain)
11.15       KOREN Domen (Slovenia)
11.45      TOMINIĆ Jan (Croatia)
12.30     MINAMI Takaya (Japan)
13.00     BOUSSARD Etienne (France)


At 19.00 (CET) was the public announcement of the finalists (4).




16.00     MASTALERZ Karol (Poland)
16.30     MAČAK Arijan(Croatia)
17.15       PITEŅKO Paulīna (Latvia)
17.45      CHAŁUPKA Wojciech (Poland)


Sunday, 3rd July 2022


10.00       RZAŻEWSKI Oskar (Poland)
10.20      MATSUGI Taiga (Japan)
10.40      BRUN Thomas (France)
11.20       BANON MONJE Alvaro (Spain)
11.40       KOREN Domen (Slovenia)
12.00      LLORENTE GÓMEZ Alejandro (Spain)
12.40      TOMINIĆ Jan (Croatia)
13.00      ROMERO MADRID Mario (Spain)




16.00      MINAMI Takaya (Japan)
16.20      HAMADA Yuri (Japan)
16.40      GHEDIN Michelangelo (Italy)
17.20      BOUSSARD Etienne (France)
17.40      MASTALERZ Karol (Poland)


Monday, 4th July 2022


10.00      MAČAK Arijan (Croatia)
10.20      PITENKO Paulina (Latvia)
10.40      CHAŁUPKA Wojciech (Poland)
11.20       KIYOKAWA Miho (Japan)
11.40       IVAJNŠIČ Tia (Slovenia)


At 13.00 (CET) will be the public announcement of the semi-finalists (10).



Compulsory piece:

  • Tilen Lebar: Hassan for alto saxophone and electronics (available at Donemus)

One piece from the following list:

  • Franz Schubert: Arpeggione Sonata, D. 821 – 1st movement without repetition (transcription of your choice in original key)
  • Clara Schumann: Three Romances, Op. 22 (transcription of your choice in original key)
  • Robert Schumann: Adagio et allegro, Op. 70 (transcription of your choice in original key)


THE SEMI-FINALS (maximum 10 candidates)

Compulsory piece:

  • Urška Pompe (1969): Žilj for alto saxophone solo (BabelScores)

One piece from the following list:

  • William Albright: Sonata (Peters)
  • Karol Beffa: Harlem (Billaudot)
  • Vincent David: Nuée ardente (Billaudot)
  • Edison Denisov: Sonata (Leduc)
  • Lojze Lebič: Invocation / à Primož Ramovš (DSS)
  • Bruno Mantovani: The Ainendescence de la bruine (Lemoine)
  • Janez MatičičRepliques (DSS)
  • Uroš Rojko: Godba (DSS)
  • Nina Šenk: Impetus (DSS)
  • Gregory Wanamaker: Sonata deus sax machina (Gregory Wanamaker Music)
  • Takashi Yoshimatsu: Fuzzy Bird Sonata (Billaudot)


THE FINALS(maximum 4 candidates)

Solo performance with the Slovenian Armed Forces Orchestra, conductor Miha Rogina

Compulsory piece:

  • Milko Lazar (1965): Pocket Concerto No. 4 for alto and soprano saxophone and wind orchestra (DSS via E-mail arhiv@dss.si)

Skladba s sledečega seznama po izbiri:


All participants will receive the SAXGO certificate of attendance.


Application deadline: 10 June 2022

Alvaro Banon was born in Madrid in 1998. He started playing the saxophone at the Conservatorio Victoria de los Angeles at the age of seven. Between 2017 and 2021 he studied for a Bachelor degree at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln. He is currently studying for a Master’s degree at the Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles. As he wants more than his classical training, he also looks for inspiration in contemporary music and jazz. He has also participated in interdisciplinary projects in theatre, with dancers and actors.

At the age of 8, Étienne BOUSSARD discovered the saxophone at the conservatory of Le Mans. Wishing to become professional, he studied at the conservatory of Tours and Lyon before joining Claude Delangle’s prestigious class at the CNSMDP. In 2020 he won 4 prizes at the Josip Nochta International Competition in Croatia. Recently he became a member of the Zahir saxophone quartet. He also develops his knowledge and pedagogical experiences by teaching at the conservatory and School of Music.

2012 – 2015: Saxophone class of Damien Royannais at the CRR of Limoges
Diplomas: Certificate of Musical Studies, Diploma of Musical Studies
2015 – 2017: Saxophone class of Vincent David at the CRR of Versailles in cycle improvement
2017: Saxophone Improvement Award in Vincent David’s class
Diploma of Musical Studies of Solfeggio
2017 – 2020: Bachelor’s degree in Music and Interpretation Heritage of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines
Sep 2021: 1st year of Master in Saxophone at the CNSMDP in the class of Claude Delangle


Wojciech Chałupka is currently studying saxophone under P. Gusnar and composition under D. Przybylski at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. In 2019/20 he was Lars Mlekusch’s student at ZHdK. He won 60 different competitions as a young artist. He is a member of the Nemesis Saxophone Quartet, Warsaw Saxophone Orchestra and Fratres Duo. His The Ancient Night for saxophone, accordion and symphony orchestra was premiered in the Musikverein Wien. His works have been performed in Germany, France, England, Spain, Thailand, Switzerland, Croatia, South Africa and Lithuania.

The Italian Michelangelo Ghedin, studied under M. Vanni in Venice and M. Gerboni in Ferrara, where he also received his master degree in 2021. He is currently studying under Jean-Denis Michat in Lyon and is a member of the saxophone ensemble ‘Artisanat Furieux’. He participated at numerous master classes and summer courses. In 2017 he was chosen to perform as a soloist accompanied by the orchestra of the ‘La Fenice’ theatre in Venice. He has won a number of first prizes as a soloist and a chamber musician.

Born in Kobe, Japan. She began studying saxophone under Asako Inoue at the age of fifteen. She studied under Nobuya Sugawa, Sadahito Kunisue and Makoto Hondo at the Kyoto City University of Arts. She performed at the university’s graduation concert and the 37th YAMAHA Wind Instrument Newcomer’s Concert. She won the 3rd Prize in the 7th Parisian Competition (SOLISTE). She is currently studying under Alexandre Souillart at the Conservatoire Henri Dutilleux de Clamart.

Currently studying Saxophone at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana under Prof. Miha Rogina. Started playing Saxophone when she was nine with Prof. Jovana Joka in Ljubljana. She attended many competitions in elementary school and won many prizes. In 2018 she performed at the World Saxophone Congress in Zagreb together with Saxplode ansambel performing Pasta Concerto composed for her by Saxophonist and Professor Jean Denis-Michat. This year at the Academy she attended two competitions, first was Woodwind and Brass competition in Varaždin where she won 3rd prize and TEMSIG where gaining the 2nd prize.

Deeply engaged in contemporary music and free improvisation, she collaborates with several composers and participates in experimental projects. Passionate about the tenor saxophone and its repertoire, she focuses on recitals for this instrument. She is a member of GAME, Duo Miho, Duo Némeu and from the next year onwards, a member of the newly formed Ensemble Next. She is currently studying at the Paris National Conservatory (France) and the Ghent Art University (Belgium), where she is working on her post-master degree.

He is currently pursuing a specialist degree under prof. Vincent David at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. During his studies under Matjaž Drevenšek at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana he also expanded his skills under prof. Joonatan Rautiola at the Sibelius Academy and Antonio Felipe Belijar and Mariano García in Spain. Domen won several national and international competitions and prestigious awards as a soloist and a chamber musician. He had performed as a soloist with renowned European orchestras on numerous occasions. He actively cooperates with composers and premiered several new pieces dedicated to him. As a member of the artistic board in the cultural society Sekvoja, he is both part of the organising team and teaching staff at international festivals and masterclasses.

Alejandro Áyax Llorente Gómez began studying saxophone and piano at the Conservatory Orestes Camarca in Soria and then at the Aragón Conservatory of Music, the National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Paris and the University Zürich Hochschule der Künste. Among the others prizes he has won the prize of interpretation at the Colegio de España/INAEM (National Institute of performings Arts and Music from Spain), first prize at the Young creation Festival of Soria, the first prize in the 22nd International Chamber Music Competition “Luigi Nono” and the second prize in the Jurjānu Andrejs VII International Woodwind Competition. In 2020 his first CD “La nuit de Mai” was published on the Odradek Records label.

Arijan Mačak is a young saxophonist from Croatia that is currently a fourth-year saxophone student in the class of prof. Miha Rogina in Ljubljana, Slovenia. During his studies he participated at numerous festivals, masterclasses and competitions. In 2022 he won the first place at the Slovenian competition Temsig and will be given the opportunity to play with the Slovenian Philharmonic in December 2022. As a member of various chamber ensembles, he played in festivals and competitions in Slovenia and abroad.

He is currently studying in Paweł Gusnar’s class at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. He graduated from Zenon Brzewski’s Music School with distinction and has also studied in Michael Krenn’s class at the Musik und Kunst Privatuniversitat in Vienna. He has a very rich and diverse artistic past. During his performances at various festivals and concerts, he has performed at the most prestigious concert halls in Poland. As a solo saxophonist, he had received numerous awards at competitions all across Europe and Poland. He performed in different ensemble formations – trios, saxophone quartets, modern music ensembles and orchestras – as a chamber musician.

Born in the Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan in 1999. He enrolled at the south Yamanashi junior school, then worked together with the South Yamanashi School Band. Afterwards he enrolled into the music department at Kai Seika High School. He started playing saxophone at the age of 12, and started studying under Satoshi Kato the following year. Following his graduation from high school, he went on to study at the Conservatoire Henri-Dutilleux Clamart. He is currently studying under Mr. Alexandre Souillart. He was awarded 1st prize at the 19th Japan Junior Wind & Percussion Competition. At the 19th Osaka International Music Competition, he ranked 2nd in the wind instrument division in the general (all ages) category.

Started playing the saxophone at the age of 12. He was awarded 1st prize at the 20th Japan Junior Wind and Percussion Competition department saxophone (2019) and 1st prize at the 21st Japan Junior Saxophone Competition (2018). He currently studies saxophone under Nicolas Arsenijevic at the Conservatory of Versailles.

A graduate of the Zurich University of Arts and Royal Conservatory of Brussels (taught by Simon Diricq and Pascal Bonnet). She has impressed at a number of competitions, national and international, including the Contemporary Music Competition at the Zurich University of Arts (1st Prize-2019), Malta International Music Competition (Grand Prix-2015). He has performed as a soloist and a member of various chamber orchestras, including the Musikverein Wien, the Tonhalle Zurich, the Flagey Brussels.

Mario is a Spanish saxophone player from Baeza, Jaén. He received his bachelor degree under Javier Alloza and Manuel Ureña at the Superior Conservatory of Córdoba. He is currently studying for a saxophone master’s degree under Henriette Jensen and Anja Nedremo at the Royal Academy of Music of Aarhus, Denmark.

Oskar Rzążewski is a student in the saxophone class of prof. Paweł Gusnar at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. He is a successful soloist and chamber musician, who has been awarded the highest place laureate in over 30 competitions in Poland and abroad. Oskar has also performed with the best polish orchestras and chamber groups at various prestigious events and festivals in some of the greatest polish concert halls.

Jan Tominić started playing saxophone at the Music school Ferdo Livadić in Samobor, Croatia in the class of prof. Tomislav Žužak at the age of seven. During his primary and high school education he attended numerous national and some international competitions where he won many prizes and he has been featured in solo recitals and concerts. Currently studying saxophone at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana in the class of prof. Miha Rogina and this year he attended international competition Woodwind and Brass in Varaždin and Slovenian competition TEMSIG where he won 1st prizes.

  1. Competitors must perform from original sheet music only. Photo-copies are not allowed.
  2. Winners of the 1st prize of previous International Saxophone Competitions SAXGO in the highest category will not be allowed to participate.
  3. An official accompanist is available to all the competitors.
  4. Competitors must produce a valid ID document before the competition.
  5. The order of performance will be determined by a public draw prior to the competition.
  6. The organiser retains all public recording and broadcasting rights, including the rights to publishing audio and/or video recordings.

1st prize:


2nd prize:


3rd prize:


4th prize:


Special awards:


All participants will receive a certificate of participation and a symbolic gift from BG France

Participation fee: € 150


Participation fee for the Members of the slovenian Saksofonija Music Society (10% discount): 135 €


One rehearsal (30 min) with the official accompanist: € 30


The number of participants is limited. Places will be allocated according to the date of receipt of the completed registration form. The deadline for applications is Friday, 10 June 2022 (date of post stamp). Places will be allocated according to the date of post stamp or received e-mail. In case of participant cancellation, the participation fee will be not returned. The registration for the competition is valid only after the full registration fee is paid.


Payment method – bank transfer to the Nova Gorica Arts Centre:

UJP (Public Payment Office), Nova Gorica Branch
IBAN: SI56012846030358603
Reference: SI99

Nicolas Prost (F) – president
Asagi Ito (JPN)
Jan Gričar (SI)
Dragan Sremec (CRO)
Alicją Wołyńczyk – Raniszewska (PL)
Milko Lazar, avtor (SI) – only in finals
Miha Rogina, dirigent (SI) – only in finals

Orchestra for the finals:
Slovenian Armed Forces Orchestra


Director of the Competition:
Matjaž Drevenšek (SI)


Piano Accompanist:
Sae Lee (JPN/SI)

1. The Jury shall be composed of its president and six members: Nicolas Prost (F) – president, Asagi Ito (JPN), Jan Gričar (SI), Dragan Sremec (CRO) and Alicją Wołyńczyk – Raniszewska (PL). Milko Lazar, composer (SI) and Miha Rogina, conductor (SI) will join the jury only in finals.

2. If a Juror is absent because of force majeure and the Jury cannot assign points as a result, the President of the Jury shall decide.

3. Jurors shall assess the competitors by assigning points ranging from 1 to 100 (where 50 points stands for acceptable performance).

4. The final ranking shall be made on the basis of the average of all points won in the Preliminaries, the Semifinals—the results of which will not be officially published until the end of the Competition—as well as of the points won in the Finale.

5. If a Juror is related to a competitor or is his/her current teacher, the Juror may not assess the competitor.

6. The President, acting on behalf of the Jury, may interrupt the performance of a competitor due to time restraints.

7. The Jury may set out fewer than the maximum number of participants for the Semifinals and the Finale.

8. The Jury’s decisions shall be considered final and indisputable. Competitors may ask to talk to the Jury after the competition.

Participants are responsible for their own meals and accommodation.


We recommend:



Streliška pot 7, 5000 Nova Gorica, Slovenia

T 00386 (0)5 335 48 11

E info@hostel-ng.si

W www.hostel-ng.si



Unit A (1/3 room with shared shower and bathroom facilities)

bed and breakfast: €23

half board: €27

full board: €30



Unit B (1/2 room with proper bathroom)

bed and breakfast: €27

half board: €32

full board: €35



Single room (with proper bathroom)

bed and breakfast: €31

half board: €34

full board: €38



The payment must be done on the arrival day (registration at the hostel). If you want to sign up for a meal (half or full board) please inform the personnel at the hostel when you make the reservation or at last at your arrival at the hostel.


Participants and their companions are exempt from paying tourist tax.



Please register yourself at Student Hostel Nova Gorica by the 20 June 2022 to the e-mail address info@hostel-ng.si.




Cesta IX. Korpusa 35, SI-5250 Solkan

T +386 5 33 65 000,

W www.hotelsabotin.com

E booking@hit.si



Prices for participants are reduced.


Obligatory code of reservation: SAXGO22



Reduces prices are not valid for booking through agencies (Booking.com …).



Single room – BB:

Monday – Sunday: 47 €

Saturday: 51 €



Double room – BB:

Monday – Sunday: 80 €

Saturday: 94 €



Double room (single use) – BB:

Monday – Sunday: 55 €

Saturday: 64 €



Additional advantages:

Free bike rental



Participants and their companions are exempt from paying tourist tax.



Please register yourself at Hotel Sabotin by the 20 June 2022 to the e-mail address hotel.sabotin@hit.si





Industrijska cesta 5, SI-5000 Nova Gorica

T 05 333 12 30

E info@hotel-siesta.si

W www.hotel-siesta.si



Single room – BB: 35 €



Double room – BB: 50 €



Prices for the competition participants are reduced.



Obligatory code of reservation: SAXGO22



Participants and their companions are exempt from paying tourist tax.



For stays over 3 days they offer a 5% discount.



Please register yourself at Hotel Siesta by the 20 June 2022 to the e-mail address info@hotel-siesta.si or by calling on the phone number listed above.

Project manager:
Pavla Jarc

Coordinator of the project:
Barbara Poša Belingar


T + 386 5 335 40 13
M + 386 41 775 089

Sponsors of the prize pool and the competition

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