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26. 6. / Monday / 21:00


Silvan Furlan Square
26. 6. / Monday / 21:00


Silvan Furlan Square



Luka Ignjatović, saxophone

Boris Sainović, double bass

Predrag Milutinović, drums

Sava Miletić, piano


The GO-EAST festival focus has evolved in response to the prevalent focus on American and Western European jazz musicians, and as part of this festival programme we will look East and listen to one of the most prominent representatives of new Serbian jazz, Luka Ignjatović and his band. Luka Ignjatović is one of the leading representatives of the new Belgrade jazz scene. After completing his Master’s degree in jazz saxophone in Amsterdam, he returned to Belgrade, Serbia, where he teaches jazz saxophone at the local Academy of Music and performs with his band at major jazz festivals across Europe.


Schime is an original jazz band, which was founded in Belgrade in 201: its members are Predrag Milutinović, the drummer, Boris Sainović, the double bassist, and Luka Ignjatović, the saxophonist. The band has focused on performing signature compositions by the band’s saxophonist from its inception. Their first album Do You Really Wanna Play? was released by the Metropolis publishing house in 2016. After releasing this album, the then Schime Trio received an invitation to perform at the Belgrade Jazz Festival, where they were joined by pianist Sava Miletić, and the group performed for the first time under the name Schime Trio + One. Today, however, the band has simplified its name to SCHIME, due to its performances on foreign markets and its increasing appearance on the internet.


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