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MAYA THE BEE 3: THE GOLDEN ORB (2021, sinh.), 7+

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30. 9. / Friday / 17:30

MAYA THE BEE 3: THE GOLDEN ORB (2021, sinh.), 7+

Film Carousel – Season 2022/23


Maya the bee 3: The Golden Orb (Australia, Germany, 2021, 88 min., sinh.), 7 +


Maya is off on another adventure and in a lot of trouble in this third Maya the Bee movie. This is a lovely movie for young children, with a gentle storyline, a strong female lead character, and plenty of positive messages about working with others to sort out your differences.


Režija: Noel Cleary
Scenarij: Adrian Bickenbach, Noel Cleary, Fin Edquist
Glasba: Ute Engelhardt
Igrajo: Benson Jack Anthony, Frances Berry, Christian Charisiou, Justine Clarke
Distribucija: Blitz Film & Video Distribution


hrilled by the arrival of Spring, Maya takes her friend, Willy, to explore the new growth and blossoms. They rescue an ant from some menacing beetles. The ant entrusts Maya and Willy with a very special golden orb and asks them to take it to the Bonsai Mountains. Along the way, the friends team up with two comic soldier ants, Arnie and Barnie. They all soon discover that the orb contains an ant princess, whom they name Smoosh. Led by the egotistical Romulus, the beetles are determined not to let the princess reach her destined home. They set out to stop Maya and Willy. But Maya is determined to overcome all obstacles and reach their final goal.


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