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16. 4. / Wednesday / 20:00


Kromberk Castle
16. 4. / Wednesday / 20:00


Kromberk Castle
Castle harmonies 2025 –14th concert season/2nd concert



Luka Juhart, accordion

Uroš Rojko, clarinet



Luka Juhart is one of our most renowned performers of contemporary classical music, a professor and initiator of numerous performances of new compositions and new approaches in the field of contemporary classical music, in which he combines different scenes. Uroš Rojko was first a clarinettist, then turned to composing, and now he has been performing again for a long time as a clarinettist, interpreting his own works and, more rarely, those of others. Both are skilled in improvisation, a musical activity that confronts the musician trained to perform and notate music perfectly with a new kind of risk. For in improvisation, the musician depends on a crucial but often neglected musical skill – listening. In the encounter between the composer, who also actively makes music, and the instrumentalist, who also writes music down, there is a kind of culmination above the sum of the two, a surplus in musical terms. This shines through in the music of Uroš Rojek and Luka Juhart, who met on stage for the first time in 2004. Since then, they have been making music together regularly, and it can be no coincidence that the musicians, after stepping out of the socially mandated role of composer and performer, have looked beyond the music itself. Where to? You will hear this at the second concert of the Castle Harmonies series.


Indicative programme:

Juhart: RanDom

Rojko, L. Juhart: Bridging

Rojko: The Passing of Time II

Rojko: Monologue of a Fallen Angel

Juhart: Unleashed

U. Rojko: Quasi neoliberamente

Ticket price
15 € – regular price
9 € – reduced price (seniors, pupils and students)


Contact and information
T: 05 335 40 16
E: blagajna@kulturnidom-ng.si

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