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28. 10. / Friday / 17:30

BIGFOOT FAMILY (2020, sinh.), 8+

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28. 10. / Friday / 17:30

BIGFOOT FAMILY (2020, sinh.), 8+

Film Carousel – Season 2022/23


Bigfoot Family (Belgium, France, 2020, 89 min., sync.), 8+


A sequel to Son of Bigfoot, Bigfoot Family is a fast-paced, fun animation that also tackles themes of corporate environmental destruction.


Director: Ben Stassen, Jeremy Degruson
Screenplay: Bob Barlen, Cal Brunker
Music: Puggy
Cast: Kylian Trouillard, Alexis Victor, Marie Chevalot
Distibution: Blitz Film & Video Distribution


Two months after the first film Bigfoot, Adam’s father, has become a celebrity after revealing himself to the public. Bigfoot wants to use his fame for a good cause and decides that protecting a large wildlife reserve in Alaska is the perfect opportunity. Adam helps his father by sending his video to the public. Meanwhile, Adam has become more in tune with his powers and it’s become close friends with Emma who is also his crush. In the wake of his father’s fame, Adam is overwhelmed by these events. Adam is also struggling to confess his feelings to Emma but always fall short.
While in Alaska, Bigfoot mysteriously disappears, as Adam and his mother journey to find him along with their animal friends.


Ticket Price
Regular: 5 €
Kids and Youth: 4 €


Contact and Information
T: 05 335 40 15
E: mestnagalerija@kulturnidom-ng.si



The tickets can be bought at the Box Office of the Nova Gorica Arts Center or through online sales.

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