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2. 12. / Friday / 17:30

BEST BIRTHDAY EVER (2021, sync.), 4+

Small Hall
2. 12. / Friday / 17:30

BEST BIRTHDAY EVER (2021, sync.), 4+

Small Hall
Film Carousel – Season 2022/23


Best Birthday Ever (Best Birthday Ever, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, 2021, 74 min., sync.), 4+


Called long-awaited birthday will be completely different than he had imagined. Little sister gets sick, and no one has time to celebrate Kalle. He escapes from home in protest to his grandmother, who actually lives quite close. It’s just that to get there he must first go through the forest.


Director: Michael Ekbladh
Screenplay: Aje Andrea Brucken, po knjižni predlogi Rotraut Susanne Berner
Animation: Michael Ekblad
Music: Annette Focks
Jonathan Bailey, Jennifer Saunders, Adrian Edmondson, Harry Capper Wright
Festivals and Awards: Schlingel CFF Chemnitz 2021 (Audience Award), Cinekid Amsterdam 2021, Ale Kino! CFF Poznan 2021, JEF CFF Vlaanderen 2022, New York CFF 2022, Anima Brussels 2022, BUFF Malmö 2022, Golden Sparrow CFF Gera/Erfurt 2022
Distribution: FIVIA – Vojnik


Tickets Price
Regular: 5 €
Kids and Youth: 4 €



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T: 05 335 40 15
E: mestnagalerija@kulturnidom-ng.si



The tickets can be bought at the Box Office of the Nova Gorica Arts Center or through online sales.

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