Days of Early Music 2014


Teofilovici 2014

Dialogues: New Early Music or Early New Music?


The fourth edition of the Days of Early Music is dedicated to the duo, the most intimate of line-ups, which has grown over time to be the fundamental and most sincere type of musical communication. The programme of the event's fourth edition, prepared by Art Director Bor Zuljan, has been drawn up as a dialogue between vocal and instrumental music, as well as between old and new music. Extraordinary vocalists, brothers Teofilović, and creative instrumentalists Milko Lazar and Vasilij Meljnikov are drawing inspiration for their contemporary music in ancient sources, while the members of the Spanish group Tasto solo with Bor Zuljan and Jérémie Couleau are resorting to new ways of communication in interpreting early music. Whether old or new, music is always to be lived in the present.

Thursday, 18 September 2014
Great hall of Nova Gorica Arts Centre 
Ancient Serbian and Balkan vocal music

The Teofilović twin brothers, Ratko and Radiša, are extraordinary performers of ancient music from Serbia and the Balkans. After fifteen years of research and preparations, they finally decided to break the silence and appear in front of European audiences, but not before--as they say--discovering the secret of the second voice and the forgotten harmonies of traditional singing.

Friday, 19 September 2014
Kromberk Castle 
Guillermo Perez, organetto 
David Catalunya, clavisimbalum
Keys and Musycks  England at the Time of Henry VIII, 1500–1550

The young Spanish instrumentalists and musicologists Guillermo Perez and David Catalunya are world-class experts in Renaissance and Medieval key instruments. Their thoroughly studied interpretations always sound natural and smooth, and each time the musicians manage to captivate the public with their carefully chosen and balanced programmes.

Saturday, 20 September 2014
Church in Gorjansko near Komen 
Puliti and Merulo – The Music of Late Renaissance from Croatia, Slovenia and Italy

Croatian organist Prof. Mario Penzar and soprano singer Martina Klarić present a programme of sacred music that was most probably heard in our regions around 1600. Between 1606 and 1609, before going to Istria, Gabriello Puliti operated in Koper, while Claudio Merulo dedicated one of his collections to a nobleman from Fužine called Khisel. The concert has been organised in cooperation with the Festival Dvigrad.


Saturday, 20 September 2014
Church in Sveto near Komen 
MILKO LAZAR, harpsichord 
10 pieces  

Milko Lazar has been well known by the Slovenian audience for many years as an extraordinary composer and instrumentalist. Each of his new projects comes as a surprise in terms of originality, which stems from his eclectic knowledge, wide interests and an enviable career. 10 Pieces, as he himself says, is flirting with early music and has been written especially for his duo with Russian violin player Vasilij Meljnikov.


Sunday, 21 September 2014
Castle of Gorizia (Italy)  

Time stands still – The Music of John Dowland, the English Orpheus (1563–1626)

Bor Zuljan and Jérémie Couleau have for many years been admiring the darkest pieces of the English Orpheus, lute player John Dowland, and decided to prepare a dedicated concert programme. The intense and intimate programme, executed with simplicity, colour and expression, has been drawn up from Dowland's chromatic phantasies, his overwhelming masterpieces for lute, interspersed with Dowland's 'hits' such as Flow my Tears, In Darkness Let Me Dwell and Come, Heavy Sleepe.


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