Exhibition Season 2018/19

sezona 18 19

21st Exhibition Season


5-26 October 2018
RENE RUSJAN, retrospective exhibition

16-23 November 2018
PIXXELPOINT, 19th International Festival of Contemporary Art Practices
Intelligent Observer
Curators: BridA Art Group

30 November-21 December 2018
IŠTVAN IŠT HUZJAN, conceptual spatially divided exhibition

11 January-1 February 2019
Sevda Chkoutova (Bulgaria/Austria), Inma Fierro (Spain), Alexandra Roussopoulos (Greece/France), Morgan Tipping (Great Britain), Lučka Špatovec (Slovenia)
Curator: Brane Kovič

15 February-8 March 2019

15 March-5 April 2019
Metka Krašovec, Živko Marušič, Maruša Šuštar, Suzana Brborović – Aleš Debeljak, Matjaž Kocbek, Neva Lučka Zver, Anja Golob
Curator: Andrej Medved

12 April-10 May 2019
ALEKSIJ KOBAL, paintings

17 May-7 June 2019
BOŠTJAN KAVČIČ, sculptures

14 June-4 July 2019
ANA PEČAR, video installation

The new season stages diverse exhibitions, presenting the latest production of the selected Slovene and foreign artists, especially of the younger and middle generation. Among all the exhibitions, attention should be drawn to two curated exhibitions. The international one, showing the artistic creativity of five artists, is curated by Brane Kovič, while the other, uniting painting and poetry, is curated by Andrej Medved.

A number of artists has already had a chance to bring their ideas, original projects and visually attractive elements to life in our gallery. Its unusual circular shape poses a special creative challenge and offers a very intimate experience with the artworks.


The Nova Gorica City Art Gallery supports a wide variety of views, directions, artistic tendencies, and thus actively shapes the contemporary art landscape in Slovenia.


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