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The railway station of Nova Gorica that's located right beside the famous Europe Square at the Slovenian-Italian border, has a new cultural information transboundary touchpoint (KIT) that represents the twin towns, Nova Gorica on the Slovenian side and Gorizia on the Italian side.

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Tourists that come from all over the world and local habitants can get information about the cultural events and sights of both towns, but also useful information about Slovenia and the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. The initiative is organized by the House of culture of Nova Gorica (Kulturni dom Nova Gorica) and the cultural association Zavod Area 57/15 in collaboration with the House od culture of Gorizia (Kulturni dom Gorica).


Recently, in the Cultural information touchpoint (KIT) we opened a souvenir gift shop where you can find homemade products and crafts of the local artists and souvenirs such as magnets, postcards, T-shirts and bags with the logo of the "mosaic of new Europe", the simbol of the Europe/ Transalpina square. 




Kulturni dom Nova Gorica,
Bevkov trg 4, SI-5000 Nova Gorica
T: + 386 5 335 40 10

Kulturni dom Nova Gorica is member of
Art kino mreža Slovenije Europa Cinemas KUDUS